Forza Sankt Pauli - FC St. Pauli: Supporting a Radical Football Club in a polarised political age

Forza Sankt Pauli - FC St. Pauli: Supporting a Radical Football Club in a polarised political age

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Nick Davidson is back! 10 Jahre nach seinem ersten Buch "Pirates, Punks & Politics" in welchem er als englischer Fan seine Liebe zum FC St. Pauli und das Besondere an diesem Verein schildert. 10 Jahre später werden einige politische Ereignisse der letzten Jahre beleuchtet, die USA Reisen der Profi Mannschaft in Trump Zeiten, Sexismus vs. Fanszene sowie unsere Fußball spielenden Frauen beim FC St. Pauli bekommen gebührende Aufmerksamkeit. 

Mit der Unterstützung von 1910 e.V. Alle Überschüsse gehen an das Museum.

Autor: Nick Davidson

Sprache: englisch


English description

In Forza Sankt Pauli author Nick Davidson documents how Hamburg’s radical football club, FC. St Pauli, continues to be a rallying point for left-wing activists in both Germany and around the world. 

The book which focuses on the club’s activities in the 21st Century, is set against a backdrop of the increasingly polarised and divided society we find ourselves now living in.

It demonstrates how football and politics  – despite what many would argue – are inextricably and indelibly linked. 

We learn how the club, fans and the district of Sankt Pauli came to the aid of the thousands of refugees arriving in Hamburg over the summer of 2015. In an age of authoritarian leaders, we witness how the backlash against President Trump fuelled an unprecedented growth in US-based St. Pauli fan clubs – culminating with the two official tours of the United States that saw players protesting outside Trump Tower in New York and The White House. The book also confronts sexism within the fan scene and explores the long-overlooked history of women playing  football at FC St. Pauli.

As in Pirates, Punks & Politics, Davidson continues to intersperse chapters detailing the club’s history of activism with his own match day experiences travelling to watch the club he fell in love with.

About The Author

Nick Davidson

Nick Davidson works as a freelance graphic designer (he designed the cover artwork for Modern Football is Rubbish and Modern Football is STILL Rubbish). Nick studied History and Politics at Warwick University, he then completed an MA in Sociology of Sport at Leicester University’s Centre for Research into Sport and Society.
This is Nick’s third book. In 2002, he wrote Team Shirts to Ticket Stubs: A Visual History of Watford Football Club 1977-2002 which was published by Watford Football Club.
Nick is a lifelong Watford fan and, along with Shaun, plays five-a-side football every Wednesday night. Chasing 18-year-old kids around the football pitch makes him feel very old.